newborn sessions 

Newborns are best photographed between 5 and 14 days old when they are much easier to settle and oh so tiny and dreamy! Booking early is highly recommended.

Sessions are held at your own home so no need to disrupt baby or have to leave the house which I know can be hard with a new bub! Baby will be more relaxed in their own environment too.

Images will be a mixture of posed and lifestyle. At home sessions are special as we can get images of baby in their new home, in their own space with their first toys, bed, blankets and nursery. This creates special memories for the family of those first few weeks. 

Sessions take up to 4 hours to allow plenty of time for settling and feeding. The happiest and sleepiest babies are warm with full tummies and in a quiet space. I will look for the best area to set up within your home, ideally where there is good light and where it is quiet.

If there are siblings to be included in the shoot or you would like some family images then I would recommend getting these shots first, then have dad or a relative take the older children while mum stays with baby for feeding and settling. 


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